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Real Estate Financing

A major part of buying a home in today's world means getting a loan. Here is some helpful information for you.

Getting Started

The loan process can be complex. By preparing your application and supporting documentation prior to your appointment, it ensures that you are provided the best options for your home loan.


Complete the online starter application here. Be sure to answer all questions listed. Please note separate paperwork for both borrower and co-borrower.


Collect the below associated documentation. Please note that a few may not be applicable to your situation.

  • Legible Copy of Your Driver's License
  • Federal Tax Returns for the last 2 years (Include all schedules, pages, including K-1's)
  • W-2's and 1099's for Last 2 years (Include all employers, & all 1099's if self-employed or retired)
  • Paystubs (Last 3 issued, all pages)
  • If Self Employed: 2 years business license or letter form CPA
  • Awards letter(s) for last 2 years Social Security or Retirement
  • Bank Statements from all accounts - Last 2 issued, all pages including blank pages
  • 401 K/Retirement/Investment Statements - Last 2 issued, all pages including blank pages
  • Landlord contact information (if currently renting a home/apartment)
  • If applying for a VA Loan, a DD214 statement
  • If you own additional properties:
    • Mortgage Statements - Most recent 1 issued, all pages
    • Property Tax Bill - Most recent 1 issued, all pages
    • Home Owner's Insurance/Flood Insurance - Current policy declarations page to reflect annual premium and agent contact information

Schedule an appointment to meet with a lender and review your options, documents and starter application.